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I have been the official weather observer for the National Weather Service since 1971.  That involves the recording of daily high and low temperatures and precipitation.  These records become permanently archived by the NWS at the National Climatology Center in Ashville, N.C.  Pampa has pronounced summer and winter seasons.  If you like variety, you have it in Pampa, Texas!  It is a great place in which to live.  A highlight is a summer evening.  While the average high in July is 92 degrees and the average low is 67 degree Fahrenheit, summer evenings tend to cool down nicely in our semi-mountain climate.  It has often been said that we live in the “shadow” of the Rockies.  In the winter, in January, we bottom out with an average low 22 degrees Fahrenheit.  The average high in January is 48 degrees Fahrenheit.  From an annual standpoint, the average high is a near perfect 70 and the average low 44.  The overall annual temperature is 57 degrees Fahrenheit.  The average annual snowfall is 14 inches.  However, ever so many years we receive a pretty hefty blizzard like as those that may occur in February or March.  Spring is the wet time of the year with most of the annual moisture derived from thunderstorms.  May and June are typically the wettest months, averaging more than three inches each month.  The normal annual moisture is 22.23 inches.  Spring storms can sometimes produce the twisting elements.  The key to dealing with tornadoes is preparedness.  It is a typical issue to the east of the Rocky Mountains in the spring as warm moist air is drawn northward.  Up north it gets cold and stays cold in the winter.  In Pampa, we invariably get breaks in between cold fronts and warm up nicely.  Overall, summers are simply delightful, with pleasant nights and toasty afternoons.  And, the good old fashioned evening thunderstorms bring our needed rain!


Summary by Darrell Sehorn
Official Observer National Weather Service
Weather forecaster for Radio Stations KGRO, KOMX, KDRL, Pampa, Tx.

January Average Low 22 degrees F
January Average High 48 degrees F
July Average Low 67 degrees F
July Average High 92 degrees F
Annual Average High 70 degrees F
Annual Average Low 44 degrees F
Annual Average Moisture 22 inches
Annual Average Snowfall 14 inches
Pampa, Tx. elevation 3,238 ft..23